What message does it send when you use an out-of-date headshot?

Sometimes we have a certain photo of ourselves that we just love. It really shows us at our best; it matches our best vision of ourselves. We use it for everything. It’s great!

And then, we keep on using it.

Month after month. On every platform.

Year after year.

What was once a vibrant image when it was fresh, now becomes a statue, frozen in time.

What message does it send when you use the same image after one year, or two, or more?

It shows you’re afraid.

It implies that you’re stuck.

It seems to say that your best moments are behind you.

Probably, none of that is true. But it’s definitely not the message you want to send.

Who you are right now, at this moment of your life – that’s what you want to have out there. You want to send the message that you’re proud of where you are right now.

Everything that’s come before has led you to this moment. All your experience has made you what you are today.

Updating your headshot regularly – at least yearly – shows confidence. Shows that you are active. Engaged. Proud of all your accomplishment – your recent accomplishments. Not stuck on what you did five years ago.

What’s more, our personal styles evolve over time. And that shows in your image, too.

I get it. For those of us who are, let’s say, past our twenties, we sometimes notice things in the mirror that we don’t remember seeing yesterday. Yes, we age. But age is just another word for experience.

We can’t stop the clock. But we shouldn’t want to. Instead, the powerful thing to do it to own it.

Don’t hold onto an old image. Show confidence. Show your power. Be proud of who you are, today.

Update your headshot, your online image, to match who you are today. Just be sure it’s an amazing image.

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