During this time when we’re all trying to stay safe and healthy, I’ve changed my In-Studio (and On-Location) approach to adhere to guidelines for social distancing. 

       Key elements:

  • All Staff with Caswell Studios are vaccinated under the guidelines set by CDC.


  • All sessions will be held outside if possible – this is to maintain maximum airflow, which has proven to be the safest environment. We can reschedule appointments if the weather isn’t cooperating, or we can shoot in another location that still provides enough airflow.


  • When possible, we will maintain at least 6 feet of distance. When inside a mask must be worn, outside within 6 feet a mask must be worn. 


  • I will wear a mask as long as I am not behind the camera – clients will wear a mask unless they are in front of the camera - Also depending on their comfort level.


  • The same studio lighting, backgrounds, and all other gear will be used.


  • Expression coaching is still part of the process and we still shoot “tethered” so you can instantly see the results on your own monitor stationed at least 6 feet away. ~ this is for portrait/headshot photography. 


  • There will be a changing area for clothes, this too will be outside (portable changing room).


  • All sessions are by appointment.